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Born + Raised Canada

Baby Mobile: Grayscale Mountain

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|AURORA MODEL MOBILE|Named after the dancing lights that grace the northern night skies, the aurora borealis inspire quiet and awe to all those fortunate enough to see in person. The Aurora model mobile comes with 3 large felt ball colours.Colour: Grayscale w/MountainThese Scandinavian-inspired felt ball mobiles are the perfect modern and minimalistic addition to any nursery!Give the mobile a little push to have it sway and mesmerize your baby... the felt balls can also be used with (baby-safe amounts of) essential oils -- having a light scent to go with that bedtime routine & associate with sleepy time is invaluable!A natural-based item made from handmade wool felt balls, cotton string, and bamboo wood. Dimensions: Approx 12x12x20" (l x w x h); with extra ~6-7' of hanging string length.

Mobiles collapse flat for compact shipping, and are perfect to mail on their own -- or as part of a care package for those that can't travel these days.