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Charm Bali 925 Silver Argentium(R) Sterling Silver Necklace

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This Charm necklace is made up of a few different elements.  The diamond shaped charm holder is a Bali 925 Silver piece, that has an antique look to it.  I wire wrapped each element of this pendant individually with tarnish resistant Argentium(R) sterling silver wire.  Then I attached each one to the holder.  The bail is hand woven from Argentium(R) silver wire. The charms are as follows from left to right:  Thai 925 Silver bead  -  Swarovski crystal  -  Sardonyx gemstone  -  Swarovski crystal  -  Bali 925 Silver bead.  The pendant is hanging on a closed link Argentium(R) silver chain, all other components are Argentium(R) silver as well.  The chain has an extension on the end to fit everyone or to adjust as the wearer needs.  Length:  chain - 22 + 2 inches  pendant - 4 inches