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Conversations over Coffee

Conversations Over Coffee

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Conversations Over Coffee started as earnest celebration of the human condition. Local community philanthropist and business owner, Janna Dutton wanted to listen, validate and take interest in the stories of others to better celebrate community and potential. The direct outcome of this has turned into a series of books highlighting incredible people with interesting stories of resiliency, purpose, courage and hope.

Volume One Featured Co-Authors: Paul Martin, Corey Saban, Leane Durand, Debbie Calladine, Graham Snell, Grissel Seijo, Adele Buettner, Mish Semilet, Mitch Redekopp, Arlene Ruiz, Jessica Wylde, Shawn Harman, Byron Chatfield, Colin Hoeft, Matthew Jodouin, Véronique Loewen, Todd Peterson, Wilma Slenders, Neil Anderson, Jennifer Ruszkowski, Jenn Minor Johannson and JD Hawk

Featured Co-Authors in Volume 2: Hossein Martin Fazeli, Beau Atkins, Sheri Hillestad Smith, Paul Langlois, Jesse Wiebe, Kimberly Joy Evans, Brad Wylde, Jacqueline Almeida, Ritesh Mistry, Karmelle Solvason, Anne-Marie Howie, Brent t-Bone Blazieko, Jackie Pilon, Katrina German, Edna Keep, Meghan Garrity, Christie Sondergaard, Pamela Hujber, Laurie Meschishnick, Véronique Loewen, Dave Conway and Sheldon DingwallThis is a physical product - paper back copy

Featured Co-Authors in Volume 3: Curtis Elmy, Julie Hayes, Darryl Hogan, Marianne Fischtner, Amy Migneault, Mackenzie Kilshaw, Lisa Jibson, Sherri Brown, Jonathan (JT) Thoms, Tammy Zdunich, Chelsea Stebner, Jolene Watson, Tanis Taylor, Charlene Perry, Kimberley Stevens, Stacey Couturier, Tim Donoghue, Fatima Coovadia, Kelly Gallant, Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, Manish Kotwani, Stephanie Ritchie, Jennifer McCowan, Curtis Kimpton, Cori Molloy, Susan Voitka-Seager, David Quon