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The Prairie Mercantile

Fairies Rock & Ruddle Brush

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Rock & Ruddle offers high-quality, luxury hair brushes at affordable prices. 

The Natural Boar Bristle with Nylon tips is Rock & Ruddle's best selling hairbrush!  

This large mixed bristle brush has a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for brushing through all hair types. From baby hairs to grey hairs, thick, fine, balding, straight, curly - and everything in between. This Rock & Ruddle hair brush is an essential for your daily hair care routine.

Each bristle glides smoothly through your hair, detangling and conditioning as it spreads the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair, making it look and feel shiny and healthy. 

It also provides excellent exfoliation for your scalp and encourages hair growth! Perfect for hair training. Even known to help with postpartum hair re-growth and balding. 

This unique hairbrush has a removable bristle pad for easy and thorough cleaning.

Say Hello to your new favourite hair brush :) 

*Large Brush: 8.5" x 2.5"*Small Brush: 7" x 2"