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GC Honey Bees

GC's Healing Honey Collection - 500g

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Our Healing Honeys are each packed with natural ingredients that have amazing healing properties. These can be enjoyed by the spoonful, in teas, elixirs, as well as added to your cooking for that extra nutrient boost.

Detox/Toddy Blend is great for detoxing and boosting the metabolism. Mix with Apple Cider Vinegar and hot water for a detox drink, or hot water and your mix of choice for a perfect Hot Toddy.

Golden Milk Lung Cleanse is full of cleansing and detoxifying ingredients - especially for your lungs and respiratory system. Mix it with your favorite warmed milk alternative for a tasty Golden Milk!

CB Blend helps activate your bodies natural CB2 receptors to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. CB can also help with anxiety, migraines, and tons more.

Add 1 tsp to hot water, tea, smoothies, or for best results, consume directly from the spoon.