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Legend of Zelda Series Cast Puzzles

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3 great puzzles inspired by The Legend of Zelda series:

The Master Sword is connected to the stone pedestal with a central cylindrical piece.  Solving the puzzle involves pulling the sword out by rotating the cylindrical piece.  Patience is the key!

The Triforce puzzle's movement is simple, but at the same time sophisticated.  The Triforce is made up of four pieces.  Disassembling the puzzle requires sliding the pieces, but you will need to figure out what is holding them together.
What is the Triforce?  It is a sacred golden relic and the ultimate source of power in the The Legend of Zelda series.  It serves as the balance that weighs the three forces: Power, Wisdom and Courage. 

The Hyrule Crest puzzle is an age-old puzzle that involves manipulating a complex tangled chain.  Solving it requires freeing the Triforce (triangle) from the Hyrule Crest and then putting it back in place.  This will mean a careful study of the paths and knots of the chain.  Observation is the key!
The Royal Hyrule Crest is a highly recognizable symbol in The Legend of Zelda series, appearing on buildings, armor, and the Hylian Shield.

This Hanayama series provides puzzles for adults which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic.  Collectible pocket-sized puzzle that will have you playing it again and again!

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