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Stumpcraft Handcrafted Puzzles - Regular

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If you’re feeling stressed out these days, you’re not alone. As the adage goes: adulting is hard!
Puzzles provide a map leading away from the gloom, distractions and stress in our lives.
You might be thinking, "Puzzles as stress relief? Come on! Really?"
Solving puzzles helps with stress by providing a leisure-based coping mechanism for regulating distressing emotions. In other words, puzzles enable a timeout or a “breather” away from stress. These personal timeouts allow us to focus our minds on one task, letting all other worries fall to the wayside. When you’re completely absorbed in a puzzle, you’ve escaped at least momentarily from your never-ending to-do list. In that moment, it’s just you and the puzzle. The worries of the world can wait and take a back seat!
StumpCraft puzzles are especially good at delivering on this promise by getting you into a state of flow with novel, fun, whimsical pieces. Every piece you place reinforces and keeps you in that flow state, ultimately leading to a feeling of mastery when the final piece is placed!

Proudly Handcrafted in Canada, featuring Canadian Artists.
Shop in-store or call 306.380.7237 for current selection.