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Super Mini Rainbow / Car Mirror Accessory

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This modern-inspired handmade home decor rainbow wall hanging is made using 100% - 3 strand cotton rope, and a variety of yarns, ranging in texture and weight. We design these rainbows with excess hanging string which allows for this rainbow to be self tied and hung at your desired length in a room as decor or, by popular demand, in your car as a rear view mirror decor piece. In addition, this rainbow also includes a "crisscross" design on the middle layer which makes it unique. 
**Please keep in mind this item is meant as decor. All sizes are approximate and may vary.--------Details --------
- Approx 5" W x 4" L
- Includes 3 layers
- Standard style fringe 
- Wooden bead at top
- Extra hanging rope included so rainbows can be self tied at desired length